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Welcome to the full integrative site for Green care in formulas and products to heal and work to prevent disease and conditions of illness through ethical discussion, education and scientific application. We base our work on scientific data and clinical outcome.
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•  We do not practice medicine and work directly with your physician to provide the finest formulas and products available on the globe. •  We are open to change and your input to be advocating for your best interests. •  We have a business side and a non profit side to our work so that we can continue to seek knowledge and application that is on the forefront of the healing arts.

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Mission Statement 

There are many millions of individuals who are taking prescription medications that are manufactured. Our mission at the Green Pharm is to rediscover  old, even ancient treatments and new options in treatment that can benefit patient care while reducing negative side effects.

•  We are creating a holistic approach in care that uses various modalities including vibrational plates, HBOT -Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, light therapy and far infra red and evolving new technologies. Many options will evolve for our clients that they are not aware simply because of a lack of knowledge and education.   We also have a non profit division where we focus on education, empowerment and ethics.   We are working to develop grants for research in integrative medicine.

The GREEN PHARM is providing to the nation the first individualized supplement formulas as an option, alternative and also an addition to current treatment programs. We provide supplements to support individuals undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

  We are the first to compound amino acids, vitamins,minerals and cofactors for the individual patient. We are grounded in the scientific method.

  We work with the client and physician providing educational consultations, laboratory services and protocols, specialized formula ‘s used with clinical success for over 27 years.

  We also hold the exclusive licensing for NCH™ Natural Cyclic Hormones. This is the most natural physiological hormone treatment that works to create a level of hormones that reflects the individuals normal cycle. This is also formula has been used safely since 1983. Our program unlike others provides supplements to reduce negative side effects of exogenous hormones.

Our clients learn that not all compounded formulas are the same and the importance of testing and monitoring all medications. This is something we need to teach the general public.

  We are GREEN in our work in prescription formulas . We provide unique and advance formula development for innovative physicians. We our first in the development of new products. Here are some of the firsts our groups has achieved:

  • Created the first on line pharmacy to provide NCH™ 1999
  • Created first oral pain tincture for Anis Nin treatment of teminal ovarian cancer 1976
  • Created the term BIO INDENTICAL HORMONES
  • Described Male Menopause in 1984
  • Provided supplements to reverse depression
  • First topical treatment for Breast Cancer
  • First to provide medical treatment for HPV
  • First to provide ER Paks for women.


GREEN CONSULTATIONS: We consult with you and your physician to create a scientific means of provision of individualized formulas and follow up. When you have a consultation you get full access to our laboratory associate and to all of our protocols. We also provide you with CD copies of supportive books.  As a member of the Green Pharm you will receive specials with our partners and with our event calendar.

AMINO ACIDS: We have a full line of amino acids provided to us from the WIZARD of amino acids Don Tyson. And WIZARD is a correct term for a biochemist who knows more about amino acids than anyone else. We are privileges to provide you with DVD lectures by Don. We are also putting together a handbook on amino acids based on the work of Don Tyson. We are blessed to have this relationship. We suggest that clients ordering amino acids buy in bulk to reduce the cost.

We have been on the forefront of amino acid therapy since the 80’s. We have created amino acid formulas to assist in treatment programs for cancer. In this area we have used Inisitol which now is confirmed to be of value in lung cancer treatment . We have had formulas that simply do not exist anywhere else. Our staff worked with visionaries including:  Gary Null, Dr. Katherine Dalton, the late Mr. Don Tyson, Dr. Robert Greenblatt, Dr. Robert Atkins and Dr. Robert Mendleson. We are the only Pharm to recognize early on the importance of amino acids in care and treatment.


We base our work in looking for adjunctive treatments through medical science.This use of the scientific method allows you to fully participate in your care.

As we advance we work to educate patients and physicians on the studies, research data and use application of facts to the human conditions and diseases.

This is a radical departure for many traditional methodologies that treats patients as members of a group. If you are diagnosis with a condition a medication is prescribed based on a concept of a median care.  Studies done on a male population create the dose and treatment plan. Early on in the studies of Dr. Hufnagel a woman came to her with a serious neurological disease known as myasthenia gravis.  In the neurological community Dr.Hufnagel  found that the experts had avoided and still in 2010 do not evaluate the hormones or basic blood studied as to nutritional status.

For over ten years Dr. Hufnagel lectured and discussed this issue as she made remarkable advances in the care of women with these progressive neurological diseases. Her first patient improved remarkably by the simple addition of NCH™. This woman went from unable to walk to be able to travel and function over 40% improved on NCH. The patient was also found to have a lack of normal amino acids. So a plan to support the patient outside her traditional neurological medications took place which improved the patients general condition. This work was based in study of the patient as an individual.

This patient known as MM reversed much of her disease and was able to function at a significant  higher level. Her medical doctors saw this but never provided this knowledge to the other patients they cared for. This adjunctive care that was so markedly successful is now for the first time reported  to the public. The bases of improved care came from doing studies on the individual patient. The process used by the GREEN PHARM  has significant scientific benefits.

1/ HISTORY AND GENETIC TREE:  A thorough evaluation is made. Your family tree is the first step to evaluate your entire genetic issues concerning your health. A prevention program is created. Information on lab studies needed for all family members is provided. Family group studies can be provided at reduced costs. As part of our .org work we can come to corporations, and community centers to provide educational workshops and our traveling lab.

In this manner we educate you and your family how to use lab values to evaluate genetic disease and what can be done in your family to reduce disease.  Thus your care now shifts to understanding what is in your genetic makeup and how to use lab finding to study your condition. As our client we provide you with genetic study protocols that our lab will conduct the studies for you and provide the results to you and your physician .  You become an educator for your family as well. We set up conference calls for your entire family to join to learn about disease common to your family.

2/  Problem List

We work with you to create a problem list in which we work to find the latest research in the areas of risk in your health. Working with your physician we create a routine study protocol of lab studies to monitor your health. This provides enormous information for adjunctive therapy as well as traditional treatments. In this manner as a team we can work to create a treatment program that is individualized and can be monitored with lab values as a means of studying your personal response to the treatment program. This is all based on science and focuses on the individual. In this manner we create education between the researchers at the LAB who are looking at ways to detect diseases and other conditions. We get the input of your physician who is attending CME courses every  year to stay up to date. Our staff using blogs , social networking to find out any current on going research around the globe.  

3/The Green Parm specialized  Lab Protocol

We create specialized lab protocols that are only available at our lab. Your physician’s office draws your blood and sends it to our lab associate and we get the studies back and work with you for ongoing care providing a treatment program that fits your personal condition. We are the only pharm that creates formulas based on your personal condition.

Selection of Lab. We sought out a major lab corporation that focused on patient education and on lab services that are focused on client need and the direction in which research is growing. We worked with all the major labs before making this selection. We found that we and our clients receive the best support from the lab we selected. Our selection was based on the ethics of the company, service it provides, cost and mission to help improve medical care. As with all our work the Hippocrates Oath is taken by all our associates. We select those that have a foundation in ethics for their work!!

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